Monitoring Your Students - using the Educator/Parent Panel

By Jon 0 Comments August 11, 2011

One of Sokikom’s key features is its adaptive instruction – the game tailors itself to the performance of the student. Because of this inherent dynamism, it becomes all the more important to monitor how well your students are performing.

This brings us to the Educator and Parent Panel! Those of you who’ve created and set up student accounts will no doubt be familiar with the panel, but there are three important features that require emphasis.

The first is the Alert Center. This will be the first section you see once you have created at least one student account. The Alert Center displays game levels that students have struggled with recently, as well as which Common Core Standards that the game level is aligned with.

The second is the Overall Progress/Classroom Reports section, which gives a high-level overview of how all of your students are performing. While the name and organization differ between Parent and Educator accounts, the information relayed is the same. The Overall Progress section is available to parents, and provides details on the grade material the kids are playing. This also includes an overview of the material was skipped through the pre-assessments.

The third is the Detailed Progress/Individual Report section. The Detailed Progress section is for the parents, where they are given a quick overview of the Curriculum Progress, as well as how well they have done on each level in each game. The Individual Report is provided for Educators, and will list each level played by the student, including performance and what standards that level is specifically aligned with.

Using these three features you can easily monitor your students’ progress and ensure they are improving their math skills.

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