Is game based learning for real?

By Snehal 0 Comments April 8, 2011

It shouldn’t be a surprise that students frequently don’t engage in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. Yet the same kids frequently do engage in games-especially those with and social aspects. And even though t… Read the Rest

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Where is education heading?

By Steve 0 Comments April 6, 2011

There has been a lot of discussion on the future of education lately. As traditional education has gotten more expensive, broadband connectivity cheaper and test scores lower; an evolution in education seems almost a given. Depending on who you ask eith… Read the Rest

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Social Learning, part three: Zone of Proximal Development

By Jon 0 Comments March 31, 2011

The concept of the zone of proximal development theorized by Lev Vgotsky deals with the development of a student’s abilities between the stages of being able to complete a task with help versus being able to complete a task individually. The Zone of P… Read the Rest

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Social Learning, part two: The role of the teacher/parent

By Jon 0 Comments March 29, 2011

In the previous post on Social Learning, I

expanded upon Sokikom’s focus on kids helping other kids learn. The next fo

cus is how the teacher should fit into the social learning paradigm.
The theory of social learning
emphasized the influe… Read the Rest

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Sokikom will be at the Education Innovation Summit

By Snehal 0 Comments March 28, 2011

Join the brightest minds and leaders in education technology at the second annual Education Innovation Summit at ASU Skysong next week! Over the 3 day event held on on April 5-7, education innovation leaders will discuss ways to improve our countries ed… Read the Rest

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Solve Another Way? Ask Another Way?

By Jon 0 Comments March 25, 2011

For those who’ve played Frachine (a fraction learning game within Sokikom), many of you have seen problems that ask you to solve problems ‘in another way’, that is, to create the same answer but using a different set of fractions. Why do we ask th… Read the Rest

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Social Learning, part 1: Importance of social environments

By Jon 0 Comments March 23, 2011

For those of you who have seen our home page (which is likely the majority of those reading this), the statement “Kids Help Kids Learn Math!” is printed boldly in the center panel of the page. Why exactly is this such an important point to emphasize… Read the Rest

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March Madness and the official Sokikom Launch

By Steve 0 Comments March 17, 2011

College basketball fans everywhere rejoice each spring because it means one thing, the start of the NCAA championships. Here at Sokikom it means something slightly different to us this year but no less exciting…our official launch. We were so caught u… Read the Rest

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Sokikom’s Multiplayer Math Game Tournament!

By Snehal 0 Comments January 31, 2011

Sokikom is excited to announce that it will be hosting the first ever multiplayer math game tournament at the 2011 Microcomputers in Education Conference (MEC) on March 15! MEC will be held at the Arizona State University (ASU) main campus. Players will… Read the Rest

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Sokikom Voted #1 at Invest Southwest

By Snehal 0 Comments January 1, 2011

Sokikom was voted as the top pick in both categories at Invest Southwest: 1) The best presented company, and 2) The company most likely to get funding. Eleven of Arizona’s top companies presented at the Invest Southwest Capital Conference. After all … Read the Rest

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