A Teacher’s Perspective: Implementing Sokikom

By: Rebecca Bautista

My name is Rebecca Bautista and I am a second grade teacher at Rio Del Mar Elementary in Oxnard, California. This is my eighth year in education. I was an intervention teacher for two years and I’ve been in my own classroom for 6 years. This is my third year as a second grade teacher. Our district adopted Sokikom this year. Our district’s  goal is to create 21st Century Learners and I think Sokikom helps the students attain this goal. My favorite aspects of Sokikom were: being able to reassign assignments, multiplayer games and the videos incorporated in the lessons. The incorporated videos have boosted many of the student’s confidence in being able to problem solve on their own throughout the lessons.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.17.12 AM

My implementation of the program changed throughout the year.  At first, I used the program as an activity for students to do when they completed their work. I also put together a few lessons using Sokikom as a supplement to our current program. I made use of the addition and subtraction videos and lessons to reinforce the skill. Towards the middle of the year I received further training that taught me many more uses for the program. Such as, how to reassign assignments. This was of great use because many students would rush through their lessons, therefore, causing unsatisfactory work. I would then make use of the reassignment program to ensure students completed the level with their best effort. Towards the end of the year I used Sokikom for individualized learning. I would tell students which area I would want them to go into and they would practice that skill at their own level and pace. When students were working at their own pace it allowed some students to exceed our second grade standards. It was very exciting to watch students grow during this time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.17.26 AM

The students loved the program so much, that most would go home and play with their families. They would constantly ask if they could go on Sokikom after their assignments in other subject areas. Their favorite aspect was the multiplayer games. The experienced a lot of friendly competition during these games. It also motivated some students to work harder on their independent practice to improve their skills for the multiplayer games. They liked the gamification of the program. To many of them it was like they were playing a video game.

Recently, I received my Accelerated Reading Star Math scores and the students did very well. The students average growth was one grade level and one month. I had a lot of students who were having a hard time in math this year. I believe that Sokikom reinforced skills that we had learned and practice during class. I had one student who was scoring low at the beginning of the year on her math tests. She got very involved with Sokikom and raised her scores. She went from being considered below to proficient on her math tests. I had another student who came in my class already scoring very high. Sokikom was a tool to use to challenge her and teach her new concepts as she came across them in Sokikom. Both girls built confidence, were excited about learning and had developed some intrinsic motivation.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.17.37 AM

This upcoming school year I plan on using a variety of implementation strategies. To start the school year, I will do lessons with the students on our interactive t.v. to ensure all students know some of the basics. For the most part, students will be using it individually to grow at their own pace. I will assign them lessons of the current standard we are working on to complete individually. The program will be utilized more  for small groups. During this time, I will go through the teaching video, pull up a lesson to do with them and then assign them their own lesson to complete for independent practice. Fridays will become multiplayer game day. This will be very exciting for them. Sokikom is a well rounded program that can be used to advance the student’s academic growth in the classroom.

In all, Sokikom is a great program. A lot of the game usage was taught to me by students and by exploring the program on my own.The program is put together so well that the students are learning every time they are logged on. My advice for getting started is to take your time and focus on the parts you feel most comfortable with. It will all come with time and practice!

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