Intense engagement leads to higher achievement

Sokikom’s (so-kee-kom's) effectiveness is embedded into its games at every stage of their development. Initially funded through grants by the U.S. Department of Education, Sokikom has designed the games using the principles of guided, discovery-based, social, and situated learning. Our games contain learning objectives aligned with the latest National Council of Teachers of Mathematics curriculum focal points and the Common Core State Standards.

Featuring strong pedagogy, game play that encourages peer-to-peer learning, and extensive, highly iterative student/teacher testing in real classrooms, Sokikom is demonstrated to be both engaging and effective.

Proven results.

All of Sokikom’s games have been tested with real students in live classrooms. Effectiveness Studies have proven positive learning outcomes. By playing a Sokikom game for only 15-20 minutes each day over one week, students’ math test scores showed a statistically significant improvement. Just as important, student engagement with mathematics increased – in some cases, dramatically.