4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Start with Sokikom

Happy Back-to-School Season! The start of the school year can be both exciting and overwhelming. We want to make sure you have an easy transition back to the classroom so we’ve come up with the 4 best practices to ensure a successful start with Sokikom.

Computer Check - Test Your Computers

The first step to ensuring a successful year with Sokikom is to test your devices. Over the summer, a lot of devices are reset and updated so it is important to test them and make sure they are Sokikom ready. To test your device, go to the Sokikom homepage. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Test This Computer”. The quick diagnostic test will let you know if you need to make any updates before you are Sokikom ready.

Set Up Your Class

Adding students to your roster is nothing to stress over when it comes to Sokikom. You can either copy and paste your roster or manually add individual students to your Sokikom class list. After your students are added you can choose to have them play Sokikom in English or Spanish. For detailed instructions on adding your students, check out this great resource. If you need to change a student’s username or password, don’t sweat it, just check out these step-by-step instructions.

Use Your Resources

When you log into your teacher account you will have access to Sokikom’s Resources page. Once there, you will find tips for using Sokikom as a Classroom Management tool. You can see how real teachers are implementing Sokikom in their classrooms and how they are using it to manage their classrooms. You will also find information on Sokikom’s math program. You’ll see tips for getting your students started, setting up a multiplayer game, and many more. If you would like to send parents information about Sokikom we have resources for you to send home with your students.

Utilize LearnZillion Videos

Sokikom’s recent partnership with LearnZillion allows you to access thousands of LearnZillion videos for free through your Sokikom account. To access the LearnZillion videos, click on the “Resources” page in your account, then click “Math program” and you’ll see them organized by topic.

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