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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does JumpStart Academy Math work for?

JumpStart Academy Math's Common Core math program aligns with Common Core Standards for grades K-5.

What technology do I need?

Teachers can login and use JumpStart Academy Math on any computer, projector or tablet. Students will need a computer or tablet that runs Flash: run the test below on a student's computer to see if JumpStart Academy Math works for them. JumpStart Academy Math also works on iPads! Watch Video

What recognition has JumpStart Academy Math earned?

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What schools & districts is JumpStart Academy Math in?

JumpStart Academy Math is used in thousands of schools & districts in all 50 states here in the U.S., and in over 70 countries internationally.

How much does JumpStart Academy Math cost?

Common Core Math Program Licenses (English or Spanish)

Pre-service Professional Learning Institute

Instructional and Administrative Coaching

Virtual Office Hours

Technical Support


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