As a teacher, it can be challenging to get students excited about math and to differentiate math instruction to reach every student. In the classroom, it's also difficult to keep every student on task and engaged all day long.

Sokikom is an online program that uses positive reinforcement, social learning, and personalization to help solve these problems. It's FREE to signup and teachers use it in 2 ways: to engage students and differentiate math instruction in the Common Core and to streamline classroom management. We've built and continue to improve Sokikom significantly-based on teacher & student feedback--which we believe is the way classroom products should be built.

Our Vision

To create the most teacher friendly, effective and engaging elementary math program in the world---period. And then, do the same for other subjects and grades.

We're building an education company with innovation & awesome products at its core. The current large K12 education companies that exist aren't known for great products or innovation. They've been able to thrive for the past century due to their massive sales teams. However, market dynamics are shifting which allow teachers, students, and parents to adopt products that better meet their needs--easier now than ever before in history.


Pete Krause

School Success Consultant

As an independent consultant for Sokikom, Pete’s role is to establish and maintain relationships with schools and districts in Central and Northern CA. Pete works with the Sokikom team because he is a firm believer in the value of social learning and sees great potential for the multi-player game interface used in Sokikom because of the internal passion that it ignites. Pete began his career in education more than 20 years ago when he was asked to offer tutoring services in trigonometry and calculus and fell in love with helping students to succeed. Today he brings that same passion for mutual success to Ed-Tech sales where he takes a decidedly customer-centric approach to his interactions and strives to always find a mutually beneficial outcome. Pete co-founded an Ed-Tech startup where he built and led the sales team before moving on to his next venture. In his personal life, Pete is married and has two young sons, ages 3 and 5 that keep him and his wife very busy. For fun, Pete likes to ski, snowboard, surf, race road bikes, and go on extended backpacking trips (although these activities are now for the most part just distant memories). Pete lived in Kitzbuhel, Austria for two of his high school years where he worked as a ski instructor and private guide. During that time, he took several independent study courses and studied at public school in German, both of which further honed his understanding of the challenges that students in the United States face. Pete studied both social science and engineering in college and finally decided to get a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UC Berkeley because he was fascinated by the theories of social interaction that have been posited throughout history. Today Pete is super excited about the direction of education and all of the opportunities that schools can offer to their students.

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