We're Revolutionizing K12 Education. Join Us.

Our vision is to create the most teacher friendly, effective and engaging elementary math program in the world---period. And then, do the same for other subjects and grades.

We're building an education company with innovation & awesome products at its core. The current large K12 education companies that exist aren't known for great products or innovation. They've been able to thrive for the past century due to their massive sales teams. However, market dynamics are shifting which allow teachers, students, and parents to adopt products that better meet their needs--easier now than ever before in history. We've built and continue to improve Sokikom significantly-based on teacher & student feedback--which we believe is the way classroom products should be built.

You'll get to work with a fun group of extremely talented people that are passionate about making a large-scale positive impact in K12 education. We practice Lean development principles (e.g. Running Lean, the Lean Startup, Four Steps to the Epiphany), have won multiple grants from the U.S. Department of Education, raised funding from world-class investors, and are experiencing significant growth--with no marketing efforts.

Current Openings

To Apply, email us at [email protected]