Where is education heading?

By Steve 0 Comments April 6, 2011

There has been a lot of discussion on the future of education lately. As traditional education has gotten more expensive, broadband connectivity cheaper and test scores lower; an evolution in education seems almost a given. Depending on who you ask either the sky is falling or the latest technology will save us by next the next semester.

While we at Sokikom don’t have a crystal ball, we do believe technology will play a major role in all aspects of teaching. Not just science and math. Computers have become commonplace at all grades and across all economic levels. Games now have the ability to both entertain students and engage them in vital skills that will help them for the rest of their life. While many decry the intrusion of “educational games” in the classroom, consider this important fact: classrooms are competing for student attention in a way they never had to. Failure to create engaging content that also provides valuable learning will mean losing to the latest video game or YouTube video.

In many schools, small classrooms are a forgotten memory and with it the personalized attention students need to help them move forward. This is even more important in the fields of science and math, as these lay the foundation for more complex skills later in life. Tools that provide customized learning experiences for each student will augment teacher guidance, not replace it. In fact technology will allow for new ways of educating that we can’t even dream up now. The question is not if we will get there, but when.