Phase 1 Website is Live

By Snehal 0 Comments November 19, 2010

Over the past several months our research and development team have been working diligently to develop an exciting web-based math social learning game for students in grades 1-6. I am excited to announce that Sokikom’s (So-kee-com) Beta website is finally live! Sokikom emphasizes real-time collaborative game-play to engage students in developing math skills and in helping each other learn math. We are doing Beta testing at select schools as we prepare for our upcoming launch in spring of next year. If you are interested in receiving a free Beta license for your class or school please contact me. Sokikom will be hosting the first-ever state-wide multi-player math game tournament at the Microcomputers in Education Conference (MEC 2011) on March 14-16. Over a thousand dollars in prizes will be given away! Participation is free. If you or your students would like to enter, please contact us at [email protected].

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