Fun, New Game Lobbies Have Been Created!

By James 0 Comments November 5, 2011

Sokikom, which creates online social math games for grades 1-6, has just released a few more new game features! We recently added fun, engaging, avatar lobbies to all 4 of our games! Children can move their own customized avatar character around these rooms, in between playing the game levels. In addition to moving around the rooms, they can see their friends’ avatars too! Also, we have integrated a safe pre-defined messaging system. In our messaging system, kids can choose from a list of pre-chosen phrases to say to their friends. The great part is, you won’t have to worry about what is being said, because they can only talk via these friendly predetermined phrases. Examples are: “hello,” “see you later,” “nice avatar!,” and “you are awesome.” These lobby rooms help immerse your child into the Sokikom world, and will cause them to want to come back to play more educational math levels time and time again. As always, Sokikom is on the leading edge of online educational gaming. We strive to provide our teachers, parents, and students with the best possible product and services. We would love to hear what you and your kids think about these recent updates.