Meet the Team

Snehal Patel - Founder & CEO

Snehal is the founder and CEO of Sokikom. He is passionate about improving the way students learn math both in and out of the classroom. Snehal’s early education experience and prior business success give him the desire to lead Sokikom to tremendous success and impact. Prior to Sokikom, Snehal started and sold a successful math tutoring franchise for K-12 students. Patel opened the first Mathnasium—an international franchise of K-12 math tutoring centers—in Arizona. He grew his franchise location to the #1 performing business in the entire worldwide chain of over 200 centers. Snehal is a certified math tutor and teacher having tutored over 500 students 1-on-1. His experience tutoring students in math dates back through high school and college. Prior to Mathnasium, Patel was the youngest senior software engineer in his department at Motorola. Snehal holds a BS in computer science from Arizona State University (ASU).

Vimal Shah - VP of Engineering

Vimal is the VP of Engineering of Sokikom. He has 10 years experience in software design, development, management and leading engineers at Motorola and General Dynamics. He has a decade of experience in highly parallel algorithms for intelligent learning systems. He has well as over 15 years teaching math privately and publicly. His experience in software development and natural pulse of curriculum development allows him to lead our various software, art and curriculum design teams. Vimal holds a MS in electrical engineering from Arizona State University (ASU).

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